Website Development Workshop

This workshop had some ambitious goals from the first day. Only two of the 10 participants had previously authored a webpage by hand (that is without a visual editor such as Frontpage or Dreamweaver).

Most had never authored a webpage at all. They also had very little previous graphics creation experience!

And we were going to produce a miniwebsite with original graphics, animation, rollover buttons, and scanned or digital photography images, spread over four pages!

As the instructor, I come from the old school of web authoring- true webmasters need to know at least a little about markup language. So that is where we began.

After making a practice page, we began planning a small website using a concept map. We then began working on the color scheme, logo and finally the navigational graphics.

I was very proud of the products that the participants produced within 30 hours of workshop instruction and practice. Everyone worked very hard and can be proud of their first efforts!

Project Description

Workshop Participant

I am the newspaper sponsor at my school, and I was interested in how web pages were created. I also wanted to learn how to create elaborate web graphics.

This knowledge will help me in my English classes to create webpages to enhance subjects such as the novel: The Scarlet Letter. I developed this website to explain the Puritan society so my students would have a better understanding of that novel.

Michelle Wells
Westshore Junior/Senior High School

Puritanism in Colonial America

I think that a "Virtual Media Center Website" was needed "yesterday" to support our wireless laptop population of tomorrow

Using Dreamweaver to keep a data-rich website elegant with an easily understood navigational structure will be a big advantage as I realize my vision of the "Virtual Media Center".

Maureen Simmons
Media Specialist
Fairglen Elementary School

Fairglen Media Center

I used HTML to design and produce a Mathcounts presentation.

The main goal is to distribute this on CD to Mathcounts Coaches.

John Johnson
Westshore Junior/Senior High School


My main objectives were to develop the framework for a Stone Science Research website and to develop a graphic representing the Stone Science Research Program.
Rich Regan
Stone Middle School

Science Research

I wanted to create a website for my Kindergarten Class Parents.

Tara Hamrick
Jupiter Elementary School

Mrs. Hamrick's Kindergarten Class

As Tech Specialist at Cocoa Beach Junior Senior High, I wanted to learn how to manipulate graphics and build the framework of our school website.

The knowledge and skills learned here will be invaluable for what I intend to use on our site.

Paul Martin
Cocoa Beach Junior/Senior High School

Cocoa Beach High School

As a Title One teacher, I made a website that links to webpages with information about the other Title One teachers and the Title One program. This inservice was filled with so much valuable information, I am amazed at all I learned!
Natalie Mehera
Columbia Elementary School

Columbia's Title One Program

I am planning to develop this website further to calendar events for the Palm Bay High School Auditorium, link to AV and Media Center Computer Lab Scheduling for class activities.
Donna Mancini
Palm Bay High School

PBHS Audiovisual Department

I created a website to promote one of my great loves- sewing and fashion production
Kathi Harbaugh
Palm Bay High School

Fashion Production at PBHS

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