Digital Video Editing Workshop Projects:

these projects are "first effort" projects,
with the video shot, and edited by teachers
who (with two exceptions) had no video editing experience...

Susan Rhoden
Space Coast Middle

Preparing a Monologue

3.6 MB
2 minutes
58 seconds

I created this video to provide students with instructions on how to prepare for reading a monologue. I thought it would be more interesting to show this with a young person walking through the process and demonstrating improvement at the end.

This video was created as an example for students who will be making a similar "All About Me" video.

Donna Neill
Apollo Elementary

All About Me

8.4 MB
5 minutes
49 seconds

Karen Kilianek
Gemini Elementary

Gemini News

1 MB
1 Minute
21 seconds

I wanted to have a video intro and outro for our school's morning news program.

This video provides students with an introductory overview of the Cassiopeia handheld computer and a program I will be using in seventh grade Math class: Geometer's Sketchpad.

John Johnson
Westshore Jr./Sr. High School

Geometer's Sketchpad on the Cassiopia

3.2 MB
6 Minutes
10 Seconds

Bill Curtis
Titusville High School

Terrier TV

4.2 MB
1 Minute
55 Seconds

This film was created to provide students, parents, community members and administrators with a quick overview of the TV Production program and Terrier TV.

I have had trouble explaining what a navigable lock is to my students, and I thought this might be a good opportunity to take them on a virtual field trip.

Jeff Skinner
Apollo Elementary

The Locks of Cape Canaveral

2.9 MB

3 Minutes
48 seconds

Barbara Hernandez
Area 1
Superintendent's Office

Temporary Placement

4 MB
4 Minutes
9 Seconds

This film was created to assist Exceptional Education teachers with temporary placement of out-of-state students with the expectation that a visual example will facilitate the process.

This film was created as a example of creating an instuctional film.

The topic I chose was instructing vehicles owners how to check their car's fluids for a smoother running engine.

Deborah Spivey
Port Malabar Elementary

Checking Car Fluids

3.9 MB
2 Minutes
50 Seconds

Brenda Halloran

District ExEd Physical Education

Bocci Ball

9.5 MB
7 Minutes
14 Seconds

I am a first time user of either a video camera or iMovie. I plan to use this video to teach Bocci Ball to my 13 schools (k-12).

After improving this video more, I hope to use the video to teach bike safety to my students.

I teach 5th grade and hope to use iMovie for Language Arts, and maybe come up with different story lines.

Chuck Leas
Columbia Elementary

Tracey Bonvie
Pt. Malabar Elementary

I developed this iMovie to assist teachers as they work through our school'sChild Study Teamreferral process and paperwork.

I plan to utilize the skills I learned in this inservice to make a series of helpful and informative sites that teachers at my school can access for Child Study Team information.

I created this movie to use as an introduction to a class that I will be teaching to teachers and, at the same time to give myself more practice using the Kid Pix program.

Roberta Williams
Surfside Elementary

Natalie Mehera
Columbia Elementary

This is a bicycle safety video. If I would have had more time it would have been full of more sounds. I'll show this at school at the beginning of the year.

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