Digital Video Editing Workshop Comments:

Susan Rhoden
Space Coast Middle

This class opened a whole new world to me and will enable me to offer this knowledge to my students. I would like to use my new skills to help instruct my beginning classes and I would like to share these skills with my advanced classes.

This workshop was excellent.

I came in knowing nothing about iMovie and after four days I feel like I have gained a wealth of knowledge.

Thanks to the two very knowledgeable instructors, Gordon Shupe and Rich Regan, I was able to create my own movie. This new found knowledge will be used in my sixth grade classroom for filming my students. Please offer this to more teachers!

Deborah Spivey
Port Malabar Elementary
Barbara Hernandez
Area 1 Superintendent's Office

This class was excellent and will be most beneficial in presenting workshops to my schools. The instructors were well-prepared and demonstrated exceptional knowledge in this area along with superb teaching skills.

The workshop presenters did a great job of fully explaining concepts and skills. They also provided extremely beneficial support during the“creation” stage. Both instructors, Rich Regan and Gordon Shupe were extremely knowledgeable and well-prepared.

Donna Neill
Apollo Elementary
Roberta Williams

This class was “great”. I learned so much that will be useful to me when I return to school in the fall. The applications are unlimited. I really look forward to using what I have learned with our students.

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