Stone Hosts
Brevard / Apple Educational Technology Miniconference

A Huge Success!

Over 120 educators and curriculum support staff spent a day at Stone Middle School two days before preplanning week learning about new technologies and developing their technology skills. It was a day to catch a vision of sound implementation strategies for modern curriculum goals.

Dr. Mark Benno making the keynote address
The Digital Age: Teaching & Learning for Tomorrow Today

July 30th, 2002
High Tech Kickoff for the 2002-2003 School Year
Keynote, 6 Demonstration sessions, 7 Hands-on sessions,
and a
Ask the Experts Q & A panel!

The Conference Agenda
8AM - 8:30AM • Coffee with Colleagues

8:30-10 AM Keynote Address
Special Guest Speaker
Dr. Mark Benno

Keynote Address
The Digital Age:
Teaching & Learning
for Tomorrow Today

For years
we have worked
toward putting a computer
that is connected
to the Internet
in every classroom...
Now that we have spent time and money, it is apparent that hardware and connectivity alone will not make the improvement in education that we were hoping to see. Staff development is our key to success!

The students that we are working with today are different than students of even a few years ago. That is fairly obvious, but the real question is how are they different and how should we as educators adapt our approach to instruction to meet the needs of our students.

What should instruction look like when technology is integrated appropriately? What should learning look like in that same environment?

Businesses are looking for students who can do much more than physical labor or data crunching. Students need to be prepared with a new suite of skills for the digital age. They need to be able to manipulate the tools of multimedia and the Internet. To meet the needs of tomorrow's businesses, students need to be engaged in evaluation and synthesis through projects. The potential for teaching and learning for tomorrow is extremely high.

Learn how to get there today.

10:15 - 11:15 AM
Demonstration Sessions

The iApps - iPhoto, iMovie, iTunes, iDVD and other iTools
      Learn how easy it is to accomplish your educational and personal goals using the free and bundled Apple software included with recent iMacs, iBooks, Powerbooks, eMacs and G4 computers. Download the pictures from your favorite camera, do basic editing and publish coffeetable picture books, share photos via e-mail, create web page galleries or print. Take a quick look at iMovie?s intuitive video editing power. Learn about music and spoken selection management and recording using iTunes. And there is so much more!

Dr. Mark Benno, Presenter

Introduction to Final Cut Pro
     Learn how Final Cut Pro takes you beyond iMovie into the professional arena of video editing. Watch our trainer integrate multiple video tracks into a final product using composites, masks, slip edit techniques and other features.

Paul DeMichael, Presenter

Educational Video: What You Can Do With iMovie
     OK, So Teachers & Students can Edit Video on A Computer, So What?! This session will explore the many ways that digital video creation can positively impact the mission of education. Tickle your mind with exciting ideas for grant proposals, cross curricular projects, public relation masterpieces and more.
Gordon Shupe & Rich Regan, Presenters

Introduction to OS X
     Beauty is not just skin deep when it comes to the visually stunning operating system installed on all new Macintosh computers. Learn about many of the features of OS X and the slew of accompanying free applications and utilities. Compare the way you did things with the old OS with the new. Learn why many people consider OS X the most modern operating system available.
Bob Trepany, Presenter

Networking, Filesharing, and Wireless
     A certified Apple Systems Engineer will provide an overview of network options for filesharing and printing in OS X. Learn how to set up a wireless base station. Learn about the network utilities found in OS X and how to do some basic network troubleshooting.
Terry Chafin, Presenter

Burn it Yourself! Using iDVD and DVD Studio Pro
     Were you surprised at how big an hour of digital video is: 12-15 Gigabytes? What do you do with all that data if you want to archive it or share it? What is the slickest high quality way to share your completed video projects? Use the free iDVD software to burn a DVD!
     This session will utilize some video footage shot during the keynote presentation and a few still shots from the conference. The presenter will place those into a iDVD template and we will burn a DVD that will play in most any standard consumer DVD player. Watch the process happen and then watch the DVD product!
     We will discuss some of the “I wish I had known that” issues of burning DVD’s and introduce the professional level product DVD Studio Pro.
Ray Ramirez, Presenter

11:15 - 12:30 PM

Lunch (on your own)



12:45 - 3:45 PM
Hands-On Workshops

iMovie – Introduction to Video Editing (Beginners)
     Shoot a brief 5 minutes of video footage, “capture” this into the computer via Firewire, and learn the basics of how to edit video on iMovie. Learn how to export it as a QuickTime video and e-mail it to yourself! (Participants: Bring an idea and necessary props for your video.)
Bob Trepany, Presenter

iMovie – Advanced Techniques
     Shoot a brief 5 minute video and learn how to use some advanced techniques within iMovie. Includes a brief presentation on audio microphones and aspects of audio recording while filming. Detach the existing sound track from your video and provide voiced narration as well as background music from a CD. (Participants: Bring an idea and necessary props for your video.)
Dr. Mark Benno w/Ray Ramirez, Presenters

Choosing a Digital Camera & Editing Photos w/Photoshop Elements or LE
     A variety of Digital Cameras will be available for review and presenters will discuss features and functions. Shoot some pictures and download them into an iBook. Learn how to do some basic photo editing using the bundled software that comes with most cameras and scanners.
Becky Atwood & Ginger Wright, Presenters

Advanced Photography and Photo Editing
     Learn some of the features of professional-level photo editing software with Photoshop. Layers, masks, multiple tools, filters, color adjustment, pixel density, the different color modes- Wow- there is a lot here!
Chris Carter, Presenter
Managing your Macintoshes on the Network
     Harness the potential of your network to distribute software updates, troubleshoot computers, do software and hardware inventories as well as manage student activity with Apple Remote Desktop. Hands-on experience with managing an OS X server- setting up users, groups and establishing rights and privileges.
Terry Chafin, Presenter

Advanced Digital Video Editing w/ Final Cut Pro
     A hands-on experience with Final Cut Pro. Learn about different types of edits, transitions, video and sound layering, compositing, and more in this introduction to Final Cut Pro. Advanced Digital Video Editing begins with a non-linear video editing solution that is turning heads in the professional film industry. Includes a brief presentation on audio microphones and aspects of audio recording while filming.
Paul DeMichael & Ray Ramirez, Presenters

Building a Powerful Presentation with PowerPoint
     Discover the process of building an effective electronic presentation with PowerPoint. Learn about using existing templates, content guidelines, adding text, pictures, and video to your presentation.

Emily Chafin, Presenter

4:00 - 4:30 PM
Q & A Panel

(w/ local experts and Apple)

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