• currently: Enrolled in Doctoral Program Florida Institute of Technology.
  • 1993: Master of Science Florida Institute of Technology- 3.8 GPA.
  • 1982: Bachelor of Science with Honors Florida Institute of Technology Science Education; minor in psychology.
  • 1980: Associate & majority of Bachelor of Science Florida State University– emphasis: Marine Biology.


  • 2005- present Trainer: Apple Computer Professional Development
  • 1999 - 2003 Florida Institute of Technology, Adjunct Professor. Educational Technology, Science Methods, Computer Science Education Methods.
  • 1997- present: Stone Middle School– Technology Instructor, Science Research Sponsor, & Network Administrator.
  • 1983-1997: Stone Junior High School Biology Honors Instructor, Science Research Sponsor, and Technology Specialist.
  • 1994-1999: Florida Department of Education Science Framework and Sunshine State Standards Project. Workshop Provider and Framework Reviewer.
  • 1994-2004: Online Projects Data Manager for Access Excellence. Design & host web pages to compile, search, and download research data into a common database.
  • 1992-Present: Brevard County Schools & Florida Institute of Technology. Workshop Provider for computer applications and special issues in science education.
  • 1992-1999: District Science Leadership Team.
  • 1992: Brevard County School District Summer Consultant contributor: Responsible Use of Animals in the Classroom (School District Dissection Lab Policy).
  • 1983-89: Space Coast Science Center, developed & taught summer curriculum.

Academic & Professional Achievements

  • 2002: Co-investigator $17K EPA grant awarded to study Multi–Grade Environmental Programs Impact on Academic Performance using web survey.
  • 2002: Chair/Author Online Registration for Fla Assoc. of Science Teachers Convention.
  • 1999: Brevard Public Schools Award of Excellence For contributions to educational technology in Brevard.
  • 1996: Host The Governor of FL
  • students demonstrated GPS, GIS & other environmental science techniques
  • Stone J.H.S.
  • 1996: Participant Univ. of Central Florida's Global Positioning Workshop.
  • 1996: Invited Consultant By Apple Computer join to five educators in San Jose to review science education software for Curriculum Bundle.
  • 1995: Member Fla. Science Institute's Environmental Problem Solving through Quality Monitoring Curriculum project.
  • 1995: Consultant Month-long Genentech's Summer Scholar Program.
  • 1994: Fellow– Access Excellence Pioneer Class One of 100 Biology Teachers selected nationally by National Science Teachers Association.
  • 1992-4: Chairperson School Improvement Committee, Stone J.H.S.
  • 1994: Beta Test Participant Newton’s Apple Videodisc Pilot.
  • 1993: Participant N.S.F. Global Environmental Education Workshop Bilouxi, Mississippi. Selected from Southeast Region, U.S.
  • 1993: Participant N.S.F. Genethics Training Workshop, Ball State Univ. Selected from Southeast Region, U.S..
  • 1993: Participant N.S.F. National Diffusion Network Training for Issue-Based Environmental Education.
  • 1990: Participant Florida Videodisc Project. Statewide applicant field.
  • 1989: Melbourne Centennial’s Teacher of the Year.


  • Florida Association of Science Teachers- Lifetime Member