Stone's Choice Program Recognized by Florida Department of Education

Stone Middle School's Science and Technology Choice was invited by the Florida State Department of Education to participate in the first annual Innovation Fair in Kissimmee, FL this Fall. Only 50 magnet, choice, academy type programs in the entire state were selected, so even though our program is still only in its third year, it was nice to be recognized.

Mr. Johnson (Principal), Mr. Regan (Choice Program Director), Mr. Shupe (Technology Director), and Mr. Campbell (Technology and Vocational Instructor) staged a multimedia presentation during one of the concurrent sessions at the conference, as well as manned a booth in an exhibition type hall. School District personnel from around the state visited with the Stone Team and about 30 attended their session.

At the end of the event, school districts submitted grant requests to partner with their choice of the schools that presented and exhibited. Each mentor school that was accepted received $10,000 for their consulting services and the mentee school would receive $40,000 as seed money to start the new program.

Stone was quite honored to have many schools request their assistance and in the end the state DOE awarded Four Partnership Grants to our school. We were awarded more grants than any of the other three Brevard County schools and only four schools in the state received more grants than we did!

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