The Stone Middle School Mentors Meet with Mulberry Middle

As our previous entry explains, Stone is the recipient of no less than four $10,000 grants to mentor other schools. One of those mentor partners is Mulberry Middle School just south of Lakeland, FL.

Sunday evening (12/3) Mr. Johnson drove Mr. Regan and Mr. Shupe down to consult with Mulberry Middle School's administration and science teachers. We spent all of Monday reviewing their facilities, lab and technology equipment, goals, and even met with a half dozen of their business partners.

Often I (Mr. Shupe) feel as though we (at Stone Middle School) are so much in the middle of the process that we really aren't ready yet to go out and help others. Our trip to Mulberry was one of those gratifying experiences that made us all feel as though we really do have something to contribute. I realized that even though we have some pretty lofty goals that we also have some pretty good ideas and some hard working staff and students at Stone Middle School. We not only have a vision of where we would like to go, but we have a pretty good handle on what steps we need to take to get there. Even though we have a long way to go, we are further down the path than many other schools.
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