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Spiders and Scorpions

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This unit was developed at University of Central Florida in EME 5937 Intergrating the Internet into Instructional Settings, during Webcamp, 1997. Instructors for the class included: Dr. Donna Baumbach, Dr. Glenda Gunter, Dr. Mary Bird, Dr. Judy Lee, and Dr. Dick Cornell, along with the first Educational Technology cohort group.
This unit is designed to acquaint students with arachnids (spiders) and scorpiones (scorpions). Students will utilize the Internet and media resources to explore species, habitats, food chains, and characteristics of spiders and scorpions. Upon completion of this unit, students will acquire a better understanding and appreciation of spiders and scorpions.
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Content Areas and Grade

The subject areas of this unit include science, math, and language arts. A variety of lessons for second and third graders will be provided for teachers to utilize in their classroom. Lessons can be modified to meet the needs of every student in the classroom. The unit can be modified to include upper or lower grades.
Spiders and Scorpions
Salticidae - Jumping Spider                                  Black Scorpion
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