Science Research students conduct individual and team research projects. Each student designs a web page about their research project. Explore the links to selected student project webpages below.

SBS Bots Sick Building Syndrome Webpage
Ryan J. The Effects of Temperature on the Endosymbiotic Relationship in Condylactis gigantea
Jordon A. A Comparison of Various Methods of Classifying Three Genera of Orchids
Sara G. A Nocturnal Intraspecies Behavior Study: Rivulus marmoratus
Joe C. A Study of Octopus Behavior
Bruce M. Solar Powered Steam Generator
Nikki A. The Effects of pH on the Regeneration of Hydra
Ryan P. The Development and Testing of a Natural Language Processor that Identifies Various Parts of Speech
Jordon A. A Comparison of Different Tissue Culture Techniques Used to Produce Dionaea muciapala, the Venus Fly Trap.
Danny R. The Effect of Temperature on Restriction Enzymes
Jessica G. A Study of the Antiviral Properties of Various Herbal Extracts

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