Science research students at Stone Middle School design, construct and test remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) as individual and team research projects. Student-built underwater ROVs (submersibles) are controlled by a student pilot via an umbilical. The umbilical provides video feeds, buoyancy control and power to the subs motors. The pilot is able to see through the "eye of the sub", a color CCD video camera enclosed in a waterproof housing and powered by a topside dedicated 12v power system.

Prototype design, construction, testing and modifications are are completed in Stone Middle School's science labs. Initial field tests are conducted in pools and local lakes. In the spring, "sea trials" are conducted at the Marine Resource Development Foundation in Key Largo as part of an annual science research marine ecology field trip.

QuickTime movies of remotely operated vehicles (ROVs).

Videos play best using QuickTime (a free download).

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New ROV following transect on reef (10 sec.)
Nautilus ROV surfacing (14 sec.)
Nautilus ROV at night ( 23 sec.)
View from onboard video camera (19 sec.)
Into the depths (14 sec.)
Student piloting ROV from within MarineLab underwater habitat (50 sec.)
ROV looking into viewport of MarineLab underwater habitat (17 sec.)









Stone Middle School student piloting ROV

on night dive in Key Largo.

Testing prototype ROV.









Design testing in Melbourne, Florida.

Nautilus ROV on test dive near Molasses reef

Key Largo, Florida.








View from sub's onboard video camera.
The Nautilus during night dive in Key Largo, Florida.







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