Science Research Course Description

Student research is designed for the motivated, creative, and inquisitive science student. The program was developed to provide interested students with an opportunity to acquire skills and concepts inherent in the science research experience. It is intended to teach students to be creative, careful, patient and exacting in their methods of study and laboratory investigations. The students will experience science through original research. The students will practice scientific thinking and learn scientific processes, which may advance the student in their educational and career goals.

Science research is related to real world issues. It requires a thoughtful critique of all aspects of investigation as well as extensive opportunities in designing and executing investigations . The student should be able to discuss differences in scientific opinions as related to the nature of scientific evidence. Research students should be proficient in formulating testable hypothesis. Knowledge and understanding of this process is gained by experimenting. After completing an investigation, students should discuss methods or strategies that may improve future investigations. Science research is a complex social activity that provides an avenue for establishing and maintaining positive life long relationships among students, teachers and mentors. It also promotes insight and analytical skills needed and addressing matters of public concern. Scientific information helps us understand the likely causes of natural or technological events and estimate the possible effects of projected policies. Students should actively seek information by building connections, rather than just by absorbing facts.

Using the process of science research, students ask carefully constructed questions about the natural world. Such scientific discourse becomes the main pathway to knowledge for scientists and students alike. A scientific research project can result from the direct observation of the natural world or knowledge gained from previous investigations. As students grow and mature, so does their ability to use inquiry related process skills. The Science Research program promotes the “Nature of Science” and is well aligned with district, state, and national standards of scientific inquiry.

Research skills addressed include:
Classifying observed data
Using measurement systems and dimensional analysis
Designing experiments
Identifying, controlling and manipulated variables
Distinguishing between treatment and control variables
Collecting and recording data
Analyzing data
Following safety procedures
Using scientific tools
Understanding the historical and social implication of science.


The above course description was taken from the Brevard County Public Schools Science Research Program Guide.

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