Automating Authentic Assessment
Part III

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2001: A Step Further
In Streamlining the Assessment Process

In Part II, we greatly reduced the time and labor involved in conducting the annual Teacher Assessment process. This year (2001-2002) we have further streamlined the process and remove an additional step in downloading the assessment data from a different platform (Newton OS) on to the desktop machine for publication.

Go Wireless!!!
Stone Middle School has completed the process of setting up a wireless network across it's large campus with an array of 11 Airport ™ Base Stations. This means that we can go anywhere around our campus and connect to the Internet or our servers without attaching a network cable to a computer that is set up for wireless.

Our Administrators can now carry an iBook into a classroom, create a new record on the Teacher Assessment Database found in a private realm of our Filemaker Pro Web Server. They can use an easily designed web-based form with the same drop down menus and radio buttons/check boxes that make the previous iteration so time efficient. Literally moments later the school secretary can be running a spell check, personalizing the observation comments by adding the teacher's name and publishing the proof copy. The administrator can look over their printed evaluation the second that they are back in their office!

Use the Power of Technology

wireless laptop transmits to wireless base station

Go Wireless!

Becoming more Efficient...

Principal Cool records his observations of Science Teacher D. Coleman on his wireless connected iBook.
A Filemaker Pro Database hosted on the campus webserver captures the details of the observation.
For each of the nine observable areas, the administrator selects the appropriate statement from a list of common comments:


Multiple selections can be made.

The administrator can then return later (even from home) and edit or personalize the observations.

After making final changes, the server prints across the network directly to the administrator's printer- all laid out in the official school district format.

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