Future Problem Solvers Top at State Competion!

Stone Middle School's Future Problem Solving Team placed first out of 30 middle school teams in the Circus Maximus contest at State Competition, which consists of several brain and physical activities. They received a great big blue ribbon and a t-shirt. They did not, however, place in the booklet work--made one major mistake in the process. It is tedious and one aspect can throw off the entire booklet.

Mrs. Cottle, their sponsor states: I expect great things from this team in high school!

If anyone knows of any 6th or 7th grade students who might be interested in F.P.S. for next year, Mrs. Cottle would like to meet with them before the year is out. Contact the front office or Mrs. Cottle if anyone has been involved before and might be interested in being on a team for next year. We can have as many teams as we can sponsor and take care of!

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