Singing their hearts out!

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Ms. Rock reports on the Chorus competitions this year:
Because my Advanced class is small this year and only 11 Adv. Students were eligible for MPA I combined them with my beginners and took one choir to MPA this year. This combined choir (11 adv. and 29 beg. students) earned 2 Superiors and 2 Excellents from the panel of 4 adjudicators.

This is similar to our scores from last year except that last year both of our Superiors were earned for our stage performance and this year we earned one Superior for our stage performance and one for Sight-Reading. So . . . stage scores went down slightly (remember they were mostly beg. students) . . . and . . . Sight-reading scores went UP!

Congratulations especially to the students for sight-reading– where they were so good that the judge didn't even have any feedback for them!
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