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Spelling Finalist Reaches County Top 10

This year's Middle Grades County Spelling Bee lasted 16 rounds, the winners will be moving on to the Orlando Sentinel Spelling Bee on March 26, 2014.

Stone's representative, Tena Gordon had to spell dodecahedron for her first word. She did real well, making it all the way through to the 10 round when she was given the word sortie, which is a word unfamiliar to middle school students unless they read military history novels Happy

submitted by Ms. Joanna Golding, Language Arts Teacher

Circumstantial Determines Our Top Speller

33 Students participated in the Spelling Bee this morning.  The runner-up was Tavyan Dorsey and the winner was Tena Gordon (the champion word was circumstantial).

They have qualified for the County Spelling Bee, which will be held on February 21,  2014 at 8:15 a.m. in the Boardroom, Educational Services Facility, Viera.

submitted by Ms. Joanna Golding, Language Arts Teacher

Juan R. Spells Victory!

08_RODRIGUEZ_JUANThe annual Stone Middle School Spelling Bee was held January 18th. The winner of the Spelling Bee is Juan R., and the runner-up, Corbin A.

There was a total of seventeen rounds.  Juan will attend the Brevard County Bee on Thursday, February 21, at the Brevard Public Schools Services Facility.  The winner and runner-up of the Brevard County Bee will attend the Orlando Sentinel Spelling Bee in Orlando in March 2013.

Geography Bee Results

Social Studies Department Chair Mrs. Dooley reports that the Geography Bee, “was a tough fought finals”.  After the fierce competition, the top three positions at Stone Middle School belonged to:

3rd     Mary-Annick B.

2nd     Josiah F.

1st     Melinda S.

Melinda will have to take a qualifying test to go on to the State Bee.  We will know if she qualifies sometime in March or April.

Finalists in the Geography Bee

Congratulations to the following Social Studies Experts. They are representing their respective teams on Monday, Jaunary 14th for our school wide Geography Bee! Good Luck!
Mary-Annick B. (7th Explorer) Colin C.  (8th Explorer) Josiah F. (8th Panther) Emily G. (8th Explorer) Taylor H. (8th Explorer) Dustin H. (7th Dolphin) Luke S.(8th Explorer) Melinda S. (8th Explorer) Gabriel W. (7th Dolphin) Victoria W. (8th Panther)

Stone Students Support Leukemia Research!

Stone Middle School Students Rock!!! The Pasta for Pennies Leukemia Research Funding Drive has concluded.
This year staff and students have raised $1528.27 for Pastas for Pennies. Way to go everyone!!!!

Congratulations to Ms. Kram-Conrad’s homeroom class. They have won this year’s Pasta for Pennies with a total collected of $120.30, which is $8.593 per Student!! Way to go students. The students will win Lunch from Olive Garden.

Second place goes to Mrs. Jackson with a total collected of $91.50, $5.083 per student, and third place goes to Mr. Shupe with 42.43 collected, which is $4.714 per student.

What a wonderful year for Pasta for pennies.

How to Spell Exceptional!

Thirty Stone Middle School students were selected to represent their teams in the annual Stone Middle School Spelling Bee.

After a grueling eight rounds, the thirty students were narrowed down to just one student with the last misspelled word

The runner up was Eli F. and our Stone Middle School Spelling Champion is Morgan R. who correctly spelled the last word of the competition: supplicate!

Congratulations Morgan!

Geography Bee Winners!

Thirty students participated in the Stone Middle School Geography Bee Tuesday, January 11th.

The following students made it to the finals and competed
Wilton CHunter D.Jordan D.Alexis J.Sylvia O.
Nicholas P.Cecil P.Ivanna R.Andrew S.Skylar U.
Third Place went to Cecil P.

Second Place went to Andrew S.

The School Winner is Skylar U.

Please congratulate all the students who participated. Skylar will now need to take the written qualifying exam and we will find out in March if she will be selected for the State Geography Bee.

Book Bashers!

Stone Middle School would like to congratulate these students for winning Outstanding Ribbons & Awards
for Book Quest & Reader's Theatre: Colleen K. (Narrator), Joanna T., & Jazmyne L.

Lilli Will BE THERE in the Winner's Circle!

Another Stone Student has risen to the challenge to be excellent! Ms. Caro and Ms. McWhinnie’s students wrote essays about the importance of family for a school district contest.

Lilli M. was selected as one of the top three essayists at Stone on this topic. Her essay (and Stone’s other top 2 essays) advanced to compete with other essays from all around Brevard County.

Seventh grader
Lilli received THIRD PLACE, which would be a big honor to receive 3rd amongst other 7th graders... but Lilli was also competing against 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th graders!

What would you have written?
Think about time you share with your family.

This might include…
eating meals together
traveling or vacations
visiting other family members
simply spending time together

What does “Being There” with your family really mean to you?

Winning Essays will be published in Brevard Public School’s
Mark of Excellence
and may be used as part of the Brevard County Be There Campaign!

You made Stone Proud again Lilli!

Reena Shines Again! Last year 6th place in the State, this year?

Reena E.

For the second year in a row, Reena E. has qualified for the Florida State Geography Bee. In order to qualify, Reena had to be one of the top 100 students in the state on the qualifying exam.

This is a HUGE honor for Reena and Stone. The State Geography Bee will be held on April 9, 2010 in Jacksonville.

Last year, Reena made it to the State Finals and finished 6th in the entire state! WOW!

Please congratulate Reena on her accomplishments and wish her luck on April 9th.

Spelling Out Success

Please CONGRATULATE Brandon for being #6 in the county!

On Thursday, February 18th at the Educational Service Facility in Viera, our School Winner, Brandon Bailer,(Ms. R., Lang. Arts) made it to the 8th
Round. There were 93 students participating, representing 93 of Brevard County’s schools.

Brandon was with the LAST remaining 6 students!

Another First for Reena!

Reena is now qualified for the Florida State Geography Bee!

The Stone Middle School Geography Bee was held on Tuesday, January 19. Stone’s Social Studies Department Chair, Ms. Ramirez reports that once again, Reena E. came away with the highest score. Second and Third Places went to Christopher H. and Brandon B.

Each year thousands of schools in the United States participate in the National Geographic Bee using materials prepared by the National Geographic Society. The contest is designed to encourage teachers to include geography in their classrooms, spark student interest in the subject, and increase public awareness about geography.

Let me SPELL it out for you: Stone Students Rock!

Rashad A. (7th) will be representing Stone at the Brevard Co. Spelling Bee (Runner-Up) which will be held at the Holiday Inn Hotel & Conference Center. Good luck Rashad, show them how Stone Students Rock!

Stone Student Bash the Books

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2007 Spelling Bee Winners Announced

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The 2007 Stone Middle School Geography Bee was won by.....

Our annual Geography Bee results are in!

Ms. Ramirez (the sponsor) reported that our geography team "...worked hard and were quite successful".

Top Honors goes to Tyler D. of the Dolphin Team. 

We will need to wait until March to find out whether he's qualified for State Competition (which is at the end of March).

2nd place went to Jacob S. (of the 8th grade Explorers) 3rd place went to Matt R. (of the Eagle Team)
Mike C., Lizzy K., Cody S., Chris W., Breanne C., Tyler S., and Chris G. finish out the ten finalists.

A hearty congratulations to all these students for a job well done.
Students Rock!
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