Stone Science Research Students Top in the State!

This past weekend, the Florida Junior Academy of Sciences annual conference was held at Indian River State College concurrent with the Florida Academy of Sciences 74th annual meeting. Senior academy scientists judged the junior academy research presentations.

Stone science research students had an incredible showing sweeping all three first places and taking 8 of the 12 junior division place awards!

Junior Biological
1st Place - Luke B.: The Effects of Bisphenol A on the Heart Rate of Water Fleas, Daphnia magna
3rd Place - Colleen K.: A Study of the Antimicrobial Effects of Mushroom Extracts

Junior Environmental
1st Place - Jerry C.: A Study of the Herbicidal Effects of Allelopathic Plant Extracts
2nd Place - Anisa K.: A Comparison of the Effects of Seawalls and Perched Beaches on the Amount of Beach Erosion
4th Place - Nicole C.: The Effects of Mycofiltration on Simulated Sewage Water
Recognition - Ivanna R.: The Effects of Cell Phone Radio Radiation on Fruit Flies,
Drosophilia melanogaster

Junior Physical
1st Place - Christopher H.: The Effects of a Base Isolation Bearing on a Building During Simulated Earthquakes
2nd Place - Austin S.: A Comparison of the Ability of Various Roof Designs to Withstand High Winds
4th Place - Taylor C.: Flockbots: Programming Robots to Communicate to Enhance Mission Success: Year 2

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