Lilli Will BE THERE in the Winner's Circle!

Another Stone Student has risen to the challenge to be excellent! Ms. Caro and Ms. McWhinnie’s students wrote essays about the importance of family for a school district contest.

Lilli M. was selected as one of the top three essayists at Stone on this topic. Her essay (and Stone’s other top 2 essays) advanced to compete with other essays from all around Brevard County.

Seventh grader
Lilli received THIRD PLACE, which would be a big honor to receive 3rd amongst other 7th graders... but Lilli was also competing against 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th graders!

What would you have written?
Think about time you share with your family.

This might include…
eating meals together
traveling or vacations
visiting other family members
simply spending time together

What does “Being There” with your family really mean to you?

Winning Essays will be published in Brevard Public School’s
Mark of Excellence
and may be used as part of the Brevard County Be There Campaign!

You made Stone Proud again Lilli!
Lilli Will BE THERE in the Winner's Circle! | Classic School Competitions | Stone Students Rock!!!
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