Florida Junior Academy of Sciences Invites 28 Stone Researchers!

FJAS 2013
In the professional world of science and scientists, an invitation to present at the annual meeting of the Academy of Sciences is the ultimate acknowledgement of the value of one’s research. It follows after the honor of being published in a major peer reviewed journal.

The Florida Junior Academy of Sciences convention was held at Barry University in Miami Shores concurrent with the Florida Academy of Sciences 77th annual meeting. The judges were senior academy scientists.

At Stone we think this is an honor and valuable experience for our junior scientists. As a recognition of their hard work, Stone Middle School received 28 of the 40 bids awarded to middle school students in the state of Florida! Congratulations to all of these Stone Middle Schools for receiving an invitation from this prestigious organization:
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Stone science research students had a great showing taking 9 of the 16 junior division place awards!

Junior Biological
4th Place – 4th Place – Anthony C.: The Effects of pH on the Growth of Bush Beans, Phaseolus vulgaris

Junior Environmental
1st Place – Cavan M.: An Investigation of the Fuel Potential of Non-Food Plant Materials
3rd Place – Kyle F.: Developing and Testing a Simple Method of Sterilizing Biologically Contaminated Water
4th Place – Brianna Y.: Developing and Testing a Method of Extending the Viability of Stored Zooxanthellae

Outstanding Presentation – Elliot W.: The Effects of pH on the Biofuel Yields of Isochrysis galbana

Outstanding Presentation – Shane C.: The Effects of UV Radiation on the Regeneration of Planarian Tissue

Junior Medical
2nd Place – Sebastien N.: The Effects of OTC Medication on the Heart Rate of Daphnia magna
4th Place – Giao H.: A Study of the Antimicrobial Effects of the Hyssop Plant, Hyssopus officinalis
Outstanding Presentation – Tommy F.: The Effects of Electromagnetic Fields on Blood Cell Clumping in Pond Crayfish

Junior Physical
1s Place – Urvesh A.: Deriving a Formula to Calculate the Number of Free Polypolygons with Different Regular Polygons and Quantities
3rd Place – Connor B.: The Design, Construction, and Testing of a Remotely Operated Submersible
4th Place – Deven S.: Stokes Law: Developing an Equation to Predict the Drop Time of Various Objects

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The Florida Academy of Sciences, Inc. was founded in 1936 as a non-profit organization. The Academy is the Florida Affiliate of the American Association for the Advancement of Science and is the only organization in Florida that represents all disciplines of sciences.
The Florida Academy of Sciences, Inc. sponsors the Florida Junior Academy of Science to encourage young scientists.
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