Behold the Beauty of Art @Stone!

Ms. Targee-Heid always makes Stone shine with her talented art students.
At the popular Melbourne Art Festival April 24th, 8 pieces were specially selected for display in two categories:

2-D Art Category:
Dakota "Ron" W. Random Shapes? First Place
Victoria S. Forgotten Bronze
Veronica R. Laces Lost in Lovely Land
Ellen S. Motorcycle Wheel

3-D Art Category;
Savannah F. The Act of Thinking
Third Place
Ellen S. Seeds of Thought
Niki C. Self Portrait
Honorable Mention
Taylor C. (Clay) The Stuff of Fairy Tales and Nightmares

Congratulations also to the individual Stone students who submitted their efforts in the 2-D Category:
Alejandra L.
Ellen S.
Jerilyn F.
Veronica R.
Laurel C.
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