Stone students named National Semifinalists in Broadcom MASTERS!

Four Stone science research students have been selected as national semifinalists in the prestigious Broadcom MASTERS competition. Nation-wide over 6000 students with winning science projects submitted to the MASTERS competition with 300 being selected as semifinalists. In two weeks, 30 of the semifinalists will be selected to compete in Washington, D.C. for the $25,000.00 first prize.

The following students are Broadcom MASTERS semifinalists:
Scott D.
Rescue Bot: Programming a Robot and a Snow Removal System to Locate and Rescue Victims of Avalanches

Ceili M.
The Effects of Reduced pH Levels on the Growth and Survival of the Calcareous Shelled Bivavle,
Mercenaria mercenaria

Alexandria R.
Optimizing the Thermo Electric Effect of a Peltier Cell by Manipulating the Thermal Differential Gradient to Increase Electrical Output

Taylor S.
The Effects of Ocean Acidification on the Endosymbiotic Zooxanthellae in the Pink-Tipped Sea Anemone,
Condylactis gigantea
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