Pizza for Perfect Attendance

"You had be there to understand!"

Some of our students know that's true - they have made the extra ordinary effort to be in class EVERYDAY during the first nine weeks!

For that effort, the administration hosted a pizza party in their honor on Friday, November 17.

Good Job Goes Out To 120 students:
Tevan D., Edana E., Lorainna G., Shawn R., Earl S., Sarah H., Meshach H., Naomi K., Lisa S., Jacob A., Raven C., Jacob C., Sean H., Suet Lay M., Tori S., Daniel W., Nicole F., Jon-Brandon G., Dane R., Eamon R., Jamie S., Jah'rezz R., Anthony A., Jennifer D., Jameelah M., Liberty S., Janna E., Nima H., Richard K., Pailin K., Louis M., Matthew R., Moses S., Deidre' D., Steffan J., Allen J., Thomas P., Nelson S., Darryl S., Nathaniel W., Austin M., Ashley V., Sara W., Chandini B., Ricardo L., Matthew R., Shawntale L., Carlicia O., Thomas S., Craig V., Katerin B., Shivani B., Angelica W., San'drella M., Najari M., Anthony B., Brucia B., Angel C., Christopher C., Kyle M., Samantha S., Darrell G., Sherree M., Zachary N., Alexandra R., Shantae O., William B., Adrianna D., Brook L., Yves M., Jerard J., Brittany J., Jessica B., Chelsea C., Brittani D., Matteen H., Apithep H., Johanna S., Alexandria T., Carolina A., Zachary A., Dina D., Thomas E., Andrea M., Scott P., Kelsia W., Kori W., Tracy A., Adam B., Timothy J., Brittney C., Elyssa C., Courtney J., Chelsea L., Justin N., Alicia B., Tiffany C., Melissa C., Ayman G., Matthew M., Jordan S., Christopher D., Morgan W., Alexis W., Mitchell W., Coty C., Kevin S., Mark S., Aqueelan C., Michael G., Joselyn T., Alisha G., Chama D., Fiona K, and Dvunte' M.
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