Stone Student Bash the Books

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10 Stone students were honored on May 17th as they were awarded blue ribbons for exceptional performances at this year's Book Bash.

An interest in books and reading brought together over 1,000 students from 55 schools (grades 3-8) for an annual competition call Book Bash (Sunshine State Young Reader's Award) at McNair Middle School in Cocoa, April 19, 2007.

55 schools throughout Brevard County participated. Students can participate in 3 areas of competition:

Book Quest- students are quizzed on any thing about the 14 books that they are required to read (Jeopardy styled game)

Book Jacket-
that team is called upon to artistly put together a book jacket of one of the selected titles and a interesting summary of the book on the back of the jacket to sell the book. This team also orally presented this to the audience

Reader's Theatre-
team performed a selected oral selection from one of the books

Rating Scale:  Exemplary (highest) - Outstanding - Accomplished                          
Book Quest Team: Brooke W., Courtney F., Charniece W., Donnie G. --Outstanding Book Jacket Team: Katie C., Breanne C., Robbie P., Nelson St. H. --Exemplary (Highest) Reader's Theatre: Raven C., Alexis W., Ashley P., Breanne C. --Outstanding (Highest in this category) 
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