State Science & Engineering Fair

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Top science students from all over Florida met in Ft. Myers this past week for the 52nd annual Florida State Science and Engineering Fair.

The competition was intense, but Stone’s research students had an outstanding showing taking home 6 place awards and several special awards.
Stone students won more bids to the State Science Fair than any other Brevard school. The following Stone students represented Brevard at this year’s State Fair: Lauren A., Rishi J., Tim J., Fiona K., Natash K., Martin McK., Ashley P., Justin R., Jacob S. and Melissa S.

Category Place Awards:

Justin R. - 1st Place • Engineering
Melissa S. - 3rd Place • Behavior and Social
Jacob S. - 3rd Place • Biochemistry
Rishi J.- 3rd Place • Botany
Natasha K. - 3rd Place • Computers
Ashley P. - Recognition Award • Earth and Space Science

Special Awards:

Lauren A. - Hernando Award and $25 for outstanding use of the scientific method.
Ashley P. - NASA Award for an outstanding project involving space science.

Justin R. - Florida Engineering Association 2nd Place Award and $500 for an outstanding junior engineering project.
Justin R. - U.S. Navy Award and Medal for an exemplary engineering project.
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