WOW! That's Engineering!

Thirty-five Stone Middle School girls participated in the Society of Women Engineers workshop, WOW! That’s Engineering!, at Bayside High School on Saturday, October 3, 2009.

These girls experienced the creativity and innovation of engineering and technology. They met women engineers and technologists and heard first-hand about these exciting careers.

They participated in hands on projects with topics in:
design engineering
chemical and manufacturing engineering
cryogenic fluids
mechanical and industrial engineering
biomedical engineering
thermo polymers
crime scene investigation
structural design engineering

The girls spent the day creating, designing, learning, and having fun by constructing desserts, recreating prototypes, making cosmetics, building and launching rockets, programming robots, lifting fingerprints, taking apart and looking inside small electrical appliances, and many other exciting activities.

It was an awesome day for all!!!

A special huge THANK YOU to the Society of Women Engineers Space Coast Section for providing registration sponsorships and bus transportation for the girls who attended from Stone Middle School!

And thanks to Ms. Coleman for sponsoring this fine experience for Stone’s future female engineers!
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