7th & 8th Grade Girl's Track Teams UNDEFEATED!

The girl's track team completed another undefeated season on March 2nd with a win at Central Middle School. This is the first time in many years that both 7th and 8th grade girls finished the season undefeated. This is the second season year in a row that the 7th grade team was undefeated. The 8th grade girl's have won every meet since coming to Stone led by: Jasmine G., Quinisa G. and Isabel L.. Jasmine G., who ran the 100 meter, 200 meter and anchor leg on the 4x100 relay has won every race in her two years at Stone.

The 7th grade girl's in their first year in middle school track and field proved just as talented as the 8th graders winning every meet. The seventh graders were led by : Tiffany H., Giani S., and Yaneli M..

Like Jasmine, Giani S. did not lose any races that she participated in. The girls displayed a lot of heart and effort by accomplishing the unthinkable: Going UNDEFEATED. There was not one member on the team that was more valued than the other, and it took a team effort to accomplish what they did. It took a team effort from the coaches as well. Without the guidance of Coach Johnson (distance coach) and Coach Heid (field events coach) the undefeated season would not have been possible. Also Coach Kinsel (boy’s sprint coach) played a key role in the girl’s season by helping develop the girls through thorough, intense practices.

This was a dream season, as teams like this don't come around every year.
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