Stone Science Students Place at State Level!

This past week the State Science and Engineering Fair was held in Orlando. Over 1,000 of the top science students from all over Florida came together for 3 days of events including an opening ceremony, student mixers, field trips and competition. Stone research students did extremely well, with all of our students winning awards.

Taylor C. - Recognition Award in Engineering
Flockbots: Programming Robots to Communicate to Enhance Mission Success: Year 2

Harely D. and Kirra M. - 3rd place in Teams
The Extraction, Isolation and Testing of the Active Sunscreen Substance in Cassiopeia Mucus

Colleen K. - 2nd place in Microbiology
A Study of the Antimicrobial Effects of Mushroom Extracts

Killian M. - 3rd place in Biochemistry
The Effects of Temperature on the Bioluminescence Produced by the Sea Fire Fly, Cypridina hilgendorfii

Luis O'D. - 3rd place in Earth and Planetary science
Identifying the Correlation Between Minor Variations of the Earth’s Magnetic Field, Geomagnetic Storms, and Errors in GPS Signals
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