7th & 8th Graders Beat High School & College Students

Stone Middle School’s remotely operated vehicle team, the Stone Submersible Squad (S3), participated in the 2006 Marine Advanced Technology Education Center’s Florida regional ROV competition this past Saturday, April 8th. The competition was held at Adventure Island in Tampa. ROV’s or remotely operated vehicles are small submarine like devices with on-board video cameras and thrusters allowing the student pilot to control the ROV from the surface via an umbilical cord.

The competition centered around completing a series of timed underwater challenges using a ROV built by the students. These challenges included releasing a simulated acoustical transponder and installing a simulated electronics module into a protective frame and then connecting a power cable to the electronics module.

Stone’s S3 Team competed against College and High School Teams
from around Florida and took home 3rd place!

Team members were James F., Karah G., Carlee J., Kyle K., Mason W., and Kyle W. The team was coached by Mr. Campbell and Mr. Regan.

Students competing at Adventure Island in Tampa.

Slide Show and more pictures here!

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