Conclusion of Lego Robotics Season

Stone Robo & Princess Gophers competed Sunday, February 28th at the Florida FLL State Championship.

We had an awesome, long day and the teams did fantastic!

Princess Gophers won the Overall Team Spirit Award for rocking the house and making engineering and technology fun, accessible and rewarding. They were very visible in their LEGO crowns cheering for ALL teams. Plus the Princess Gophers had their team picture in the Championship Program.

Robo Gophers won an award for being an Outstanding Ambassador Team, they finished in the top 8 teams for Technical/Robot Design, and finished #10 for robot performance.

Two of our team members were honored with individual Gracious Professionalism awards that were handed out throughout the competition by
secret judges who saw the team members doing acts of gracious professionalism. They were awarded a special championship coin and then they
were called up to the front and given Florida FLL Backpacks. Those honored with this award were Anna B. and Gabriel W.-V.

As you see, the Stone
Robo & Princess Gophers had a great day. As always, they represented Stone Middle School in a positive and proud way.

If you have or see any of the team members, please congratulate them on their hard work, dedication to the team and an awesome win!!!!

Team members are...

Anna B.
Csanad B.
Troy G.
Nicholas K.
Keirra K.
Talait N.
Chelsea R.
Ja’naisha S.
David S.
Ashley T.
Steven V.
Kenny W.
Gabriel W.-V.
Dakota W.
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