We Are On a Mission- CyberMission!!!

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Although we often see Stone students excel at what they do, it is especially exciting to see students excel on a national scale!

• April 11th, 2007 •
We received notification that one of the six groups of students that were entered by Mr. Regan into the Army's eCybermission contest were national finalists!

This means that they have been awarded an all expense paid trip to Washington, D.C. as well as $3,000 in savings bonds each! If they win at the nation competition, they could win as much as $8,000!

eCYBERMISSION is a web-based science, math and technology competition for 6th through 9th grade teams.

Amber S., Kayla J., Cody R. submitted a project based on Amber's science fair project:
The Effects of Increased Iron on the Absorption of CO2 by Phytoplankton.

This project was the study of adding iron to water that a phytoplankton (cyclotella- a marine diatom) growing in it. Amber then counted the cells to see if the iron improved the reproduction rate of the phytoplankton. The practical application was- if there is more phytoplankton, there will be more absorption of CO2 from the atmosphere, which in turn would lower global temperatures by helping eliminate the Greenhouse Gas Effect.

The eCybermission team of Amber, Kayla, and Cody took the results of Amber's project and applied it to hurricane frequency in Florida. Then they created a website that explains this project. The Army will publish their project later, and we will link to that project so you can see their fine work! Go forth and do well, girls, we are proud of you!

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