Stone Middle School Students Help California Students Calculate Circumference of the Earth

Students from Advanced Math teacher Paulette Statlick's class made a brief appearance on southern California Public Service Television stations as well as on a live internet feed of the broadcast. Stone Middle School's Program of Science and Technology used standard video chat technology, iChatAV, to provide their data collection to students in Huntington Beach, California.

Orange County California students were trying to determine the circumference of the earth following the guidelines of ancient Greek scholar, Eratosthenes (276-194 BC). By comparing the length of a shadow at noon in two distant locations, he calculated the circumference of the Earth to be 250,000 stadia.
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Our students measured the length of a meter stick's shadow at approximately 12:32 today in a live internet feed back to KOCE Television in Huntington Beach, CA. Orange County California students used this data along with their own measurements to calculate the earth's circumference.

Stone's Technology Directory Gordon Shupe coordinated the event along with the help of Technology Specialist Steve Dagley. The project was threatened by high winds - it was necessary for the ruler to be exactly perpendicular to the earth's surface. Finally one of the students suggested using a science research backboard as a windblock. Mr. Shupe admitted that he still was concerned that the iMac was going to blow off the table.

The entire problem solving event was broadcasted live from 12 PM to 1 PM EST on Tuesday 3/21. An archived video stream should be available shortly. Stone students will appeared right around 12:30 PM. The internet version of this live broadcast was

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