Stone Artists Excel!

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Congratulations to Robbie P. (eighth grade) who won third place and Alicia B. (seventh grade) who won first place in the middle school categories at the prestigious Space Coast Art Festival in Cocoa Beach this year!  There were only three awards granted for the middle school age category, so this is a huge honor!   
A big cheer goes out to all of those Art Appreciation students who go above and beyond in their nightly sketchbook assignments! 

Pictured is
Johanna S. who took a technique for using value (what artists call the lights & darks of an image) that we had covered in our class lessons and practiced it again and again.  Look at the awesome results that she was able to get on this page in her sketchbook!

Great job to our Art Guild (Friday morning Art Club) students who've committed much of their own after-school time to learn the art of pinhole photography.  They are practicing photographic skills, chemistry, and patience to learn this primitive but exciting art form!
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