All Stone's Candidates for Prism Recognition Best In County

The PRISM Project Programs - Metrics and Goals
Brevard Public School District PRISM Scholars were announced last night at the school boarding meeting. The PRISM Project is devoted to Promoting Regional Improvement in Science and Math through a systematic and measurable approach recognizing and rewarding teachers and students for outstanding performance.

Each year the district selects 8 students as PRISM Scholars from all the middle schools in Brevard County.
Each school is allowed to submitted four applicants and all four of Stone's applicants were selected as district level PRISM scholars! The district also recognizes continuing scholars. Of the 21 continuing district level PRISM scholars, 12 won the PRISM award while at Stone.

Please congratulate the following students for being selected as PRISM scholars:

Urvesh A. - PRISM Math Scholar
Paul C. - PRISM Math Scholar
Scott D. - PRISM Science Scholar
Matt P. - PRISM Science Scholar

They are proud recipients of a $125 cash prize and certificate.
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