Florida Junior Academy of Science Conference- Stone Shines Again!

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The past Saturday, 3/17/07, top science students from all over Florida met for the annual Florida Junior Academy of Science Conference at the University of South Florida’s St. Petersburg campus.

Students used PowerPoint to present their research to scientists, judges and other researchers. Students were judged on the merit of their research and the clarity and accuracy of their presentations.

Stone students had an outstanding showing, winning half of the junior first place awards in the state for experimental research! 

1st place: Jacob A. - The Effects of
Cassiopeia Mucus on Zooxanthellae Exposed to Ultraviolet Radiation
3rd place: Rishita J. - The Effects of Acid Rain on the Chlorophyll Produced by American Elodea,
Elodea canadensis
4th place: Kayla J. - The Effects of Temperature on the Growth and Mortality of Urchin Larvae,
Lytechinus variegatus

1st place: Zen C. - Maximizing the Voltage Output of Underwater Turbines
3rd place: Natasha K. - Maximizing the Effectiveness of Various Ultrasonic Sensors through Programming Enhancements
4th place: Kyle W. - Enhancing Photovoltaic Output using Parabolic Solar Concentrators

Outstanding Presentations:
Jason D. - The Design, Construction and Testing of a Robotic Vision System Capable of Sensing and Responding to Traffic Lights
Fiona K. - The Effects of Environmental Factors on the Orientation of the Monarch Butterfly,
Danaus plexippus

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