Nov. 12, 2004

Second Nine Weeks Progress Reports
distributed on Wednesday, Nov 17th.

If you wish to discuss your student's progress with their teachers,
please call the front office to schedule an appointment: 723-0741

The Stone M.S. Technology Fundraiser has begun!

Stone Middle School
Significant Events
Oct. 29th
Report Cards Issued for the First Nine Weeks
Nov. 8st - 29th
Technology Fundraiser
Chick-Fil-A Coupon Calendars $5 @
Nov. 5th
Wheel Classes Change
Students enrolled in Wheel Classes will be assigned a new elective
Nov. 11th
Student / Teacher Holiday
Veteran's Day
Nov. 13th
Car Wash- Gymnasium
Beta Club
Nov. 19th
Fall Sports Awards
Media Center 3 PM
Nov. 17th
Interim Reports
2nd Nine Weeks
Nov. 23rd
Reading w/ Principal Cool Barnes & Nobles Bookstore
7 PM
Dec. 2th • 6:30 PM
Winter Concert - Chorus
Palm Bay High School


The Chick-Fil-A calendars are being distributed and tracked for each team by the Science teachers. Chick-Fil-A allows us to keep $3 off of every calendar we sell, if we sell a minimum of 1000.

The calendar coupons add up to about $30 of food and are honored at all Chick-Fil-A's (over 1000 restaurants). The calendars make nice "thinking of you" gifts for workmates, stocking stuffers, etc. There are over 1000 Chick Fil A (primarily in the Southeastern US) that accept the coupons including the two in South Brevard and one in Merritt Island.

In addition to group rewards, the top 25 sellers will attend a special pizza party during lunch. During that party, drawings will be held for gift certificates from local merchants, restaurants and the grand prize of an Apple iPod! Each five calendars that a student sells earns them an additional chance in the drawings.

We will supply flyers to parents who want to post something at work or set up a table at a local store.

Stone Parent Volunteer Group Organizes


The King Center  Center for the Performing Arts and Brevard Public Schools
have selected Stone Middle School for production company from Georgia -  GMT productions  They will be here at Stone from December 6-December 11th.

In this project the company will work with our students in the morning in class and afterschool as well.  Students will be researching Native American history, mask-making, studying music and movement and other interdisciplinary  lessons.  The production company is going to bring in sound equipment, artifacts, research books, rhythm instruments, etc. Right now, the main students that will be working with the production group will be the Art Appreciation classes as well as Ms. Magliore's 8th grade American History students.

After school, the production company will be working with a large group of students (Hopefully 75 or so - this is open to any Stone student who is serious about wanting to be in a live performance).    The week will culminate in a production of The Trail of Tears in the Gym on Saturday, December 11th at 1 pm.  The  community will be invited to this performance and King Center volunteers will be taking tickets, ushering guests, etc.  King Center business partners as well as community V.I.P will be invited. 

The company is willing to put on two assemblies at the end of the week for the whole student body - more details to come.    As of now, play practice will probably be held from 4-8pm.  Long hours for the students, yes, but it is only a one week commitment.    Also, we will need as many volunteers as available.  This is a great opportunity for parents who would like to help out at Stone. 

This is an amazing opportunity for students to work with a professional theater company and to bring America history alive.  

Thanks for your support!

Heidi Targee- Art Educator

Cell Phone, Toner and Inkjet Cartridge Recycling



Box Tops for Education
The Box Tops for Education Clip program allows you to earn cash for your school every time you buy groceries.
from Participating Products

Stone is currently collecting used cell phones, toner and inkjet cartridges from local business and homes. Please save any of these and send them in to Mr. Shupe. We have the opportunity to sell them back to remanufacturing companies for between .50-$20.00. The money will be used for software purchases at the school. And it is good for the earth! Save Box Tops coupons from hundreds of General Mills products throughout the grocery store. You'll find Box Tops on many of your favorite brands that you use every day.
Send Your Box Tops Coupons to School
Your School Gets a Check
General Mills will send your school a check worth 10¢ for each Box Tops coupon redeemed—each school can earn a maximum of $20,000 annually.for more information:



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