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Our mission is to end isolation for science teachers- providing them with access to each other as well as research scientists, high quality teaching resources, stimulating communication, timely science news, exemplary classroom activities, and professional growth opportunities.

Access Excellence is a free telecommunications resource for anyone that has access to the World Wide Web.

Genentech, a cutting edge biotech company in San Fransisco is the sponsor of Access Excellence. They have invested 10 million dollars in this three year pilot program to improve science education. To establish this online community of teachers, Genentech worked with the National Association of Science Teachers to identify 300 outstanding biology teachers in a national contest (100 per year over the last three years). These teachers have been awarded the title of Access Excellence Fellows and charged with pioneering the online community.

THE LOCAL CONNECTION (with Stone Junior High School)
The Webmaster of Stone Junior High School is honored to be a 1994 Access Excellence Fellow, and is even more indebted to Genentech to have been included as one of the eight 1995 Access Excellence Summer Scholars. During the Summer Scholar program, the Webmaster had the opportunity to learn how to author webpages, establish a website, and utilize computer networks in education. We also served as trainers for the incoming class of Access Excellence Fellows and learned a lot about biotech.

YOU ARE WELCOME TO JOIN US AS WELL! Participate in this community- come see what we have to offer you, and please share your science education experiences and expertise with us!

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