The Indian River Lagoon National Estuary Program

The Indian River Lagoon National Estuary program (IRLNEP) is a government agency that is dedicated to saving the Indian River Lagoon. There are several projects that are going on in the offices of the IRLNEP. They put out a book that has information on the Indian River Lagoon. They are currently working on a project to reduce the amount of sediment that is flowing in to the Indian River. These boxes that are putnout to collect sediments are called Baffle Boxes. The IRLNEP is also trying to improve the public's knowledge about safety on the lagoon and it's surrounding waters.

Another project of the IRLNEP is to increase the number of fish in the lagoon. Since 1950, the number of fish in the lagoon has decreased by an estimated four-hundred thousand. An issue that is important is the loss of habitat for the fish and other marine animals. People run over the fragile ecosystem of the lagoon every day with their recreation boats and with the pollution in the Indian River.

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