If you are registering at Stone Middle School, please be sure you have the appropriate documentation.
This includes up-to-date shot records and proof of residency. Any records from the transferring school make the process much smoother as well. For more information contact the Guidance Office at 952-5940.

Spring Registration 2010

6th Graders:
The 6th Grade orientation at Stone will take place in April. Students will be bused from their elementary school to Stone Middle School to see presentations of all the options available at the school. Following the orientation, students will receive their registration forms. Students must choose elective options and return this form to their 6th grade teacher.

In April we invite parents to come to the Curriculum Fair at Stone Middle School. The various classes and programs at the school set up displays in the gym for parents and the students to observe. It provides parents with an opportunity to get an idea of what activities their student will participate while attending Stone.

7th Graders:

The registration process for 7th graders rising to 8th grade will begin in March. Students will receive their registration forms. They must select their top choices for elective classes. Part of the forms will be collected and part will be sent home to be reviewed by the parent. Any changes can be made on this form and sent back to the school.

8th Graders:
In April the high school counselors will meet with the 8th graders to provide them with detailed information regarding the available classes and programs at the high school. They will give the students the registration forms to be completed and returned. The counselors will sit down individually with each student and go over the student's course selection.